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One of the best aspects of modern computer technology is the ability to mix and match computer components. Much of the computer hardware on offer is plug-and-play, meaning that you don't have to be a real technical wizard to make it work.

Sometimes you just want to add a little functionality to the standard offering by installing computer parts to your existing setup, such as adding optical drives or fitting computer interface cards for particular devices or applications you want to use. As for computer memory – there never seems to be enough! Why not speed things up by adding an extra 4GB or even 8GB RAM? We stock a huge range of components and represent all the major brands, so whatever you're looking for the chances are excellent you'll find it here.

Alternatively, it's entirely possible to build your own system from scratch, one that fits your exact requirements. Start with one of our computer cases, make your selections from our range of motherboards and computer processors, and have a look through our hard drives to find one that suits your disk capacity requirements. We stock an extensive range of really good branded drives, ranging from 500GB to quite a few TB – a good tip in these days of increasing "big data" is the more the better. Then add a power supply and one of our computer fans, put it all together, install your operating system and you're done! Add a few extra touches from our range of case accessories, such as a power consumption meter, LED strips, and a combo port, and you'll have really built the machine of your dreams.

So whether you want to beef up your games machine with one of our souped-up sound cards and enhanced graphics cards, or build yourself a custom system from scratch, – with its great choice, prices, and service – is your definitive one-stop for PC components