Why Is Tubidy Not Showing All Years

Why Is Tubidy Not Showing All Years? This Might Be Why

Why Is Tubidy Not Showing All Years? – Tubidy is a platform where you can find countless music and videos, stream or download them completely free. Tubidy also works in all kinds of devices from your smartphone, pad, laptop or PC. But sometimes you find something different when you use the app, like why is Tubidy not showing all years?

Why Is Tubidy Not Showing All Years

Why Is Tubidy So Popular?

Tubidy was created in 2020, and yet already millions of people are using it worldwide. That is not only because it’s free, but because Tubidy is offering a lot of perks to the users to make sure that they enjoy using Tubidy for a long time.

It offers millions of songs and videos, a search engine to make it easier to find what you’re looking for, high quality downloads, a wide variety of genres and languages, and allows you to download multiple contents at once.

Tubidy is also so easy to use and navigate, so that newbie users wouldn’t have any problem using it for the first time. If you’re a newbie user, all you have to do is make an account with your email address, after that you can use the platform already, use the search bar on top of the page, and after you find your content, you can begin your download process.

Why Is Tubidy Not Showing All Years

Some Errors Might Happen

Tubidy is free, all the videos and songs are not uploaded by users. It takes videos from YouTube and converts them without permission. That is the reason why is Tubidy illegal. And because of it, you might come across some errors from time to time while using this app.

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One of the errors that you will face and make you wonder why is Tubidy not showing all years, while usually you can search music and videos from different years. The first thing you could try is wait for a couple minutes, and try to open the app again.

Because it’s free and offers a lot of features, a lot of people are using Tubidy. When you face an error, it might be because too many people are using it at the same time. Trying to use the app again at a different time usually fixes the error.

There it is, the possible reason of why is Tubidy not showing all years while you’re using it. Waiting is still better than paying money, right?