Why Is Tubidy Not Showing All Genres

Why Is Tubidy Not Showing All Genres?

Why Is Tubidy Not Showing All Genres? – As you might have downloaded Tubidy for its sweet promises of easy usage, you might wonder why is Tubidy not showing all genres. What makes Tubidy very convenient is its diverse content. You do not need to look for other websites. Rather, you only need to have Tubidy, fetching all necessities you need in one application. Because of its unlimited download capacity, you might also question: why is Tubidy illegal?

Why Is Tubidy Not Showing All Genres

Some people dislike Tubidy because they think it will end the artist’s or movie producer’s carrier. For a free download, you are not entitled to pay for the royalty. That is why some people might not choose Tubidy due to this reason.

However, some others still use Tubidy for its ease of usage. If you encounter some problems, this article will assist you to solve them. Here are the reasons why is Tubidy not showing all genres.

Installation Issue

Before you can access Tubidy, you must first download its application on your device. It can be both your phone or even your computer. Prior to the application installation, do check if your connectivity is stable to download the heavy platform. You also need to ensure you have enough space on your disk. If not, Tubidy will automatically refuse your request.

After that, if your mobile phone has a tight security system, it will detect Tubidy as a virus. That is why you need to verify the application. Do check if the application you are installing supports your iPhone or android.

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Why Is Tubidy Not Showing All Genres

Account Issue

If you ever think of why Tubidy is not showing all genres, you better check your account. Some people might face a login issue or even an account-related problem. You can first check if the Tubidy server still works just fine. If the server is not down, you may also double-check if you are using the right login credentials. Ensure that the password and other details you input are correct.

Try to remember if you log in directly, or if you use third-party social networks. They enable you to log in through Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other social media accounts. If you do use their service, you can visit their respective official website and check if the server is still working effectively. If the social media network’s server is down, then likely you will not be able to log in to your Tubidy as well.

Application Issue

Tubidy has many versions. Hence, you need to ensure that the one you use is the most updated version. Some older versions do not have the completed features. This is the answer to why is Tubidy not showing all genres.