Why is Tubidy Not Showing All Albums

Why is Tubidy Not Showing All Albums?

Why is Tubidy Not Showing All Albums? – These questions might pop into your mind: why is Tubidy not showing all albums and why is Tubidy illegal? Tubidy is a relatively new platform where you can stream and download videos, songs, e-books, and many more. To answer your curiosity, this article will provide you with a short guide to getting to know Tubidy better.

Why is Tubidy Not Showing All Albums

Why is Tubidy Not Showing All Albums?

There are a couple of reasons why Tubidy is not working well. However, here are the most common reasons:

Incompatible Device

As Tubidy is still new, Tubidy has not achieved a fully established system. Because of this, errors will occur upon usage. Mostly, apple users have complained that their iOS system is not compatible with the application. That is why the page or application will not load on your end.

Another device that has a complicated security system will also see Tubidy as an unknown program and treat it as a threat. Hence, it is important to see what device can work well with Tubidy.

Why is Tubidy Not Showing All Albums

Screen Freeze

Another common reason why is Tubidy not showing all albums is a screen or ping problem. If your phone is heavily loaded, Tubidy will crash the system. Some other times, the music application server might also be down. You have to wait until the server is recovered to access it again.

Tubidy also requires a good and fast internet connection. If your internet has a low bandwidth, your page will not load. That is why you check your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection before usage. When you have a poor connection, Tubidy will heat your phone. Thus, your screen will freeze.

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Application Capacity is Full

As Tubidy serves more than 100 countries, there are times when the application’s bandwidth is fully loaded. When there are too many users opening the platform at once, the system will either put you on the waiting list, or even you will be automatically omitted from the server. If this happens, you only need to wait until the website capacity gets lower, before you can get in once again.

Despite the massive number of users, Tubidy’s legality is still debatable. Since you can download a lot of things in one click, many people are using it for the wrong purposes. For example, they sell a movie without a license. Of course, this will inflict a financial loss for the artist as well as the producer. However, if you are using it for personal use, it is still okay. Hope this article helps to answer why is Tubidy not showing all albums.