Why is Tubidy not showing all recommendations

Tubidy And All Of Its Issues

Why is Tubidy not showing all recommendations? Some of you are probably already familiar with Tubidy, which is a music streaming platform. This one is quite popular because in addition to listening to many songs for free, Tubidy also allows its users to download songs from other platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, and so on.

However, it has several issues so that many people leave it for other better streaming platforms, such as Spotify and YouTube Music. In this article, we will talk about many common issues that Tubidy has.

Why is Tubidy not showing all recommendations

Tubidy Does Not Show All Recommendations

If you are a new user of Tubidy, you may find that the platform does not show you all recommendations. It is probably because you have not listened to as many songs as Tubidy’s algorithm needs to show you the recommendation relevant to your music taste. Second, you need to subscribe to its paid version.

Tubidy is available in 2 versions, which are free and paid. The paid version offers more benefits that you cannot find in the free version. For example, the paid version offers more song recommendations that suit your music taste.

Tubidy Does Not Download

Why is Tubidy not downloading? Some users report that the music streaming platform suddenly will not let them download songs via third-party platforms like YouTube. For this issue, it is possible that YouTube is either blocking the platform or has changed their API so that Tubidy becomes useless.

And if you visit Tubidy’s official website, you will notice that their latest update was a year ago. Also, there is nothing new on their website. This can mean that Tubidy no longer works. It is not even available in the App Store now.

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Why is Tubidy not showing all recommendations

Tubidy Does Not Work After an Update

Some users complain that they cannot use the Tubidy app after they have updated it. They find the app either does not load or shows a blank screen. The causes of this issue might be because the operating system does not support the app or the update is not compatible with the device. So, the alternative is that you can access the platform via its official website.

Tubidy Does Not Support Your Browser

This means that the developer of Tubidy has not chosen the type of your device for the app due to their own reasons. Another possible reason is that the app is not available in your region.