How to search on Tubidy

How To Search On Tubidy? 2 Simple Ways You Should Know!

How To Search On Tubidy? – Tubidy is one of the recommended apps for music lovers. It helps to transfer music videos from the internet into MP3 and MP4.

So, how to search on Tubidy? Some users also ask, “Why is Tubidy not downloading?” This article will answer these questions.

How to search on Tubidy

Steps to Search Favorite Music Videos to Download on Tubidy

Search According to Your Favorite Music Video

The first thing to do to search for music videos on Tubidy is to visit the official website. Go to See the menu at the top.

Focus on the black rectangle box with a magnifier icon. It is the place where you can search for the music videos you want to download.

The search system indexes the singer, song titles, part of the lyrics, and many more. So, just type the specific thing you know about the song on the box.

Click on the magnifier icon and wait for a few seconds. Voila! the list of the music videos you are looking for is ready.

Search According to the Most Popular List

It is not a big deal if you don’t have any favorite music videos. You can visit this website and get inspiration there.

How to search on Tubidy? In this case, you don’t know what to download. Once you visit the official website, check the menu at the top of the page.

Click the top searches menu. This menu leads you to the list of the most popular music videos searched by Tubidy users.

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Explore the list and pick one of the music videos there. Download the file and listen to it on your mobile phone.

How to search on Tubidy

Why Tubidy Can’t Download Your Music Video

There is a case when Tubidy can’t download your music video. Why is it happening? Find out the problem from the internet connection.

Ensure that the internet connection is stable before downloading music videos. It can also be because of the copyright from the owner.

The music video owner restricts those who want to use the video. For more information, use the report of a problem at the bottom of the page.

Click on it and submit your problem. Tubidy’s customer service will respond to your question right away.

The most important thing is that you get the answer to “how to search on Tubidy?” It even shows the converting issues.

All you have to do now is try to search for your favorite music videos and download them into MP3 and MP4 format. Then, enjoy them on your mobile phone.